My abortion was not a big deal

by sue

June 19, 2017

My abortion was so NOT a big deal that it’s hardly even worth writing about – and that’s how all of them should be.  I was 36 and had been using a diaphragm for 18 years with great success – so I stupidly decided I must not be fertile or I’d surely have gotten knocked up by then.  so I stopped using anything at all, and within 6 months of course I did get pregnant.  By then, it was 1987 and abortion was legal and accessible in Portland, Oregon so that was that.  what I remember most is of all the women I know who’ve had abortions, none of us even remember them most of the time – but the one woman who was pressured to stay pregnant and give her baby up for adoption – her life was altered and had a sad aftermath, with regrets and wondering if every baby she saw was hers and having a breakdown every year on the baby’s birthday.


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