Abortion make me the person that I wanted to be

by Anonymous

July 27, 2020

I’m a 26 year old woman and when I discovered that I was pregnant I found myself at a crossroads. On one side there was this man that I broke with because he cheated on me after months of fights, cause to him I was “too friendly” to other guys and he felt lost. This man was telling me that he would support me whatever my decision was, but that he loved me and I was the only person with whom he would grow up a child. This put me in a difficult position. On the other side there were my projects, my dreams so my work and a PhD which I had recently applied. Having a child would have mean leaving architecture, find a more remunerative job, even if it wasn’t my passion, come back to live with my parents and with my boyfriend, the father.

It has been a very difficult decision to me, but I haven’t lot of time because meanwhile cells were starting to grow inside me. I decide to get surgical abortion and after the intervention I was so relieved. After the abortion I came back with the guy, the father, because he has been there for me, I believed his words, he seem to love me sincerely, so much to think to have a baby with me. But I was wrong. Tho one with him was a toxic relationship, he cheated on me god knows how many times, he gave me HPV and other sexual diseases, all while he was blaming me to be too independent, focus only on my career, on my parents and friends, to doesn’t love him and that he was always the second choice to me. Now I see crystal clear that I made the right decision. I would never rise a kid with this kind of person, I would have to do it alone. I want my child to live in a serene family, with an happy mom and dad that love each other and with an economic stability that could offer him to make his life choices with as less worries as possible. I choose life instead of a prison and I would never regret it.

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