Abortion kept ME alive

by Ashley

January 11, 2022

I had just moved back across the country right at the beginning of the pandemic. My ex and I had started to talk and see each other again because I was lonely and he was a safe place for me at the time.

The first time in all 4 years of us knowing each other that we didn’t use protection, I got pregnant.

I remember sitting in his bed with him the night before I decided to take a pregnancy test and we were laughing at the fact that we thought I was pregnant. There was no way, right?

The next day after I got off work I grabbed a test, went home, and took it. Immediately: Pregnant. I called him on the verge of a panic attack and he told me to come over right away. So I did.

We were extremely honest with each other and both agreed there was no way we could have a baby. I knew this man would not be in my future, I knew I didn’t want to be a mother. Even though I was 24 years old and maybe it’s “normal” to have a baby at that age. No. I couldn’t.

I made an appointment at what I thought was an abortion clinic for a “consultation”. Showed up a few days later for my appointment and once I got into the room discovered that I would not be getting an abortion there. It was a “pregnancy center”. They shoved bible verses and guilt down my throat. I don’t even believe in God but they told me he would punish me if I decided to go through with an abortion.

I called my boyfriend. I told him about the horrible hour I had just had. He immediately sent me 4 credible abortion clinics “near me” the closest was an hour and a half away. I called them. I told them my story and they made me an appointment and went over my options and what will happen once I get to the clinic. I was at peace.

Two weeks later my boyfriend took me to the clinic, he paid for my abortion and I received the abortion pill. I was so lucky, he stayed with me through the entire horrible process for the next two days.

Then I reached out to my best friend at the time, for some support. My hormones were a wreck and so was I. I was met with disgust. I couldn’t believe it, she had been so supportive just a few days before. She starts posting Pro Life propaganda all over her social media. She is essentially calling me a murderer. My best friend. I crumbled. I wanted to die.

My depression was at an all time high for months after my abortion. I knew I did the right thing, but so many people were trying to persuade me I didn’t.

Fast forward about a year. I’m no longer dating my ex, I’ve made new friends who truly love and support me. I go to my first Women’s Rights March. I feel like I’m living my true life and I’m so happy. At the end of the march there are booths set up and I see the clinic I went to. I immediately went up to them, I had to tell them they saved my life. We cried together. I thanked them a million times.

The journey to getting my abortion was treacherous and torturous. We should never have to do that to receive the healthcare we need.


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