I was so scared of what people would think, but I knew that if I brought a child in to this world at this point in my life I would regret not being the mother they deserved. So I decided to have an abortion.

I told my dad what my plans were, but I couldn’t tell him to his face because I was scared he wasn’t going to support me. So wrote him a letter and waited for him to read it and he came and talked to me. He told me no one can tell you what you can do with your body, even if it’s not the same decision they would make. He told me whether I kept it or decided to have an abortion he’d be behind me 100% and it made me feel not ashamed for doing what was best for me. If anything having this abortion was the most selfless thing I could do.

My boyfriend was so supportive and I wouldn’t of been able to make this decision without him. He was by my side every step of the way asking what I needed, rubbing my back and getting me light foods to eat. I think this really brought us closer together and showed how genuine of a person he really is. I just wish abortion wasn’t so stigmatized. Do I regret my decision? Not at all. I know that when I’m ready to be a mother, I’ll be the best I can be for that child but it just isn’t the right time right now.