Abortion is moral

by Anonymous

January 14, 2020

I have always been pro choice, but I used to think that if I fell pregnant I would continue with it full term. However, once I did fall pregnant the worst happened. My pregnancy was not going to be viable. I cried and cried and kept telling myself “what if this pregnancy will beat all odds?! What if I am carrying a healthy baby?!” But there’s legitimately no way to tell until the 4th-5th month, the odds of having a healthy baby was very slim for me. No one wants to get an abortion, it’s not some fun party that people do for the heck of it. I celebrate my pregnancy and there’s not a day that goes by that I forget about my unborn, truth is I love ‘him’ and I hope that ‘he’ knows that I did what was best and that ‘he’s’ made me a momma nonetheless. ❤️❤️ (I say he bc I think it would have been a boy)

I quickly realized that people who have abortions for various reasons whether that’s medical, financial, emotional, or personal reasons are valid and in fact moral. You are strong, valid, and most of all compassionate!!

I want to tell people who have had abortions or perhaps someone who may go through this: that it’s tough and you may have feelings of regret, relief, happiness, sadness, anger, or peace – all of these and more ARE OKAY TO HAVE. I think what I learned is to never say never. To be more kind and caring to others. Let’s spread love a little more!

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