Abortion is a Health Matter

by Anonymous

January 16, 2020

Content Warning: rape

I was 13 years old and in 8th grade when I had an abortion. I was a child and obviously would not have been able to give the pregnancy my full attention or care that was needed. I did not choose to get pregnant so young. I did not choose to have sex so young. I did choose to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and save the future child from a life of hardships. As a 13 year old my doctor told me there was a very slim chance I would even be able to carry the child to term, and would have a high chance of a still birth. That would have been extremely traumatic for such a young teenager to go through. I made a decision and my parents supported it. Abortion is not a political matter, it is a matter of health. 5 years later and I have yet to regret my decision even once.

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