February 26, 2021

Vancouver BC CANADA

I am 23 years old and had an surgical abortion at 6 weeks and about 7 days. I opted out to the surgical procedure because I did not want to freak out and have really bad health anxiety and seeing something flop out of me as they say was not going to be easy for me.  All I can say it is not as scary as you are going to think. Trust me I have the worst health anxiety, I literally have hyperventilation issues, and extreme panic disorders. You can get through it babe.

My boyfriend drove me to my appointment, I was panicking, the staff was honestly really nice but one nurse was kind of rude when I said I can’t believe I got pregnant and she got a little unimpressed with that but whatever lol. But I had like a 15 minute counseling session and, at this point my anxiety had lessened about 5%… Then I was walked over to this open area, which had curtains between each bed. As I walked in I heard a girl crying I started to try to control my breathing however it was getting pretty bad. But the counsellor was very nice and kept going on with instructions to take everything off waist down and put pad on underwear and put it on the side of the apron thing they gave. Then I was told to lay back down I could play games, text, but just not make any phone calls or talk. A sweet nurse came put my IV in, took some blood, gave me antibiotics, anti nausea, and one Tylenol. I took it all down quickly, and laid there and texted my boyfriend and kept telling him I AM SO SCARED. Finally the nurse came and said ok your turn, took me to a procedure room down the hall, and told me to put my self up.

I WAS SO SCARED I STARTED TO CRY OMG. She was setting me up with everything, and the doctor came introduced herself told me not to worry. I was told to slow my breathing down and they gave me a conscious sedation. Which made me relax quite a bit, however how much of a anxiety human I am I was tightening my pelvis and legs too much, but then when she started with the ultrasound then the vacuum, it honestly didn’t feel like anything besides strong period cramps like literally I was kind of holding down on my stomach putting pressure and the nurse was helping, it was not bad at all. Before I knew it was completely done. The doctor said all done and cleared up.

I got help from my nurse to pull up underwear then I was wheeled to the other room again where I got some juice, I texted my boyfriend BABE IM DONE! I was so HAPPY cause IT DID NOT EVEN HURT, IT WAS NOTHING!!!!! IT IS ALL IN OUR HEADS… TO BE SO SCARED LIKE OMG IM GETTING SOMETHING SUCKED OUT OF ME. BUT NOPE. NOTHING. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I do say surgical is better side to go if you have anxiety, health anxiety, or can’t deal with things.

I am almost post week,  I already had sex lol. I am bleeding little bits, sometimes bit more, experiencing slight cramping. I am recovering. I am doing great. Living my life. Got wine buzzed, I LOVE THE DECISION I MADE THANK YOU.

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