Abortion Emotions In A Poem

by Anonymous

October 20, 2020

I had bled many times before,
But had only shed my own red hues.

His toxicity came to engulf me,
Like an ominous cloud blankets the sky before a storm.

I was in love with that cloud,
A cloud with a facade of perfection,
A cloud with the potential to turn to any form I desire.

He said our kids would be beautiful,
He told me stories of the future dad he would be.
But by the time I was sure I was with child,
His facade had decayed rapidly.

One day I will be the best mother, and a great wife,
But today I have not the resources to provide for my maternal fate.

So I watch the blood clot and flow,
Like an injury we are both responsible for,

The remains are partly his,
As if we were both cut, but I shed all the red.

Oh, ominous cloud, today is the first day I’m lacking in your precipitation.
Today I am free, I am strong, I am a new woman.

I wish to outrun all your future storms.

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