I never thought I would fall pregnant at age 40 weeks before my husband’s vasectomy. I had to use IVF to get pregnant in my mid 30s and our brief time between my IUD removal (because it was causing side effects) and his scheduled vasectomy resulted in a surprise pregnancy.


My husband had a psychotic episode and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during my pregnancy with our second child. He was hospitalized and lost his job while I was six months pregnant. It was the worst time of my life.  Knowing that the stress of a third child could trigger his bipolar disorder, resulting in another hospitalization for him, and that this  time I would be taking care of two kids in the midst of a psych crisis, while looking after myself as a middle-aged pregnant person is a chance I cannot take.


I feel a little bit sad, but also so, so grateful that I know I can continue to care for and enjoy my husband and my two kids because I have a choice. #heyjane #mentalhealthawareness #bipolardisorder