Abortion as Inspiration

by sarah

July 1, 2021

I have had two abortions, age 20 & 28. It was not a hard choice to make for me, I did not want it, and I have no shame or regrets about either. The second was when I first got together with my now husband. I did not want kids and the abortion was an easy choice for us. What is so interesting though, is that almost immediately, I started feeling like….hmmm maybe I do want kids someday…and I had never wanted kids!! So, it was weird! Right after the abortion we started imagining a life with children…now 14 years later and we have 2! I am good with abortion. I talk to my kids about it during our “birds and bees” conversations, it fits in nicely when talking about birth control. Abortion is a great option and there is no shame in owning that fact.

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