I have two children. I had my son at 18 with my then boyfriend 6 years older than me. He never met his son, disappeared when I was in early pregnancy. I never finished high school but through much hard work, pain and anguish, I completed my nursing degree after being granted a scholarship. My experience of Motherhood was exhausting. I hated being a single parent, not being able to live any sort of normal life during my 20s. After struggling alone for nearly 10 years I finally met a man who wanted to be in relationship with me. He was “answered prayer” as my family would say. I spent the next two years in an abusive hell, with an unimaginably cruel man. When I got pregnant with my daughter he forbade me from having an abortion. I know how ridiculous that must sound to anyone who hasn’t experienced coercive control and violence in a relationship, but I honestly felt so incapacitated to make decisions in my best interest. After I had my daughter, I found the courage to leave him, my son and daughter were finally safe from this painful reality. My daughter is 2.5 years old now…. when handing her over to visit her father a few months ago, I was sexually assaulted by him.   I would never ever have imagined a reality whereby I could fall pregnant from rape, but low and behold, it happened. This time I took control of my own body and my own life. I had the abortion I always wished I could have had. I don’t regret it. While I don’t necessarily regret having had my two children, I certainly regret not feeling empowered to make the best choices for myself and my life