by Eryn

December 15, 2020

I found out I was pregnant when I was 16 years old. I never went to school so I never attended sex education. I was so scared, I couldn’t even tell my mom. I was so violently ill, I was throwing up day in and day out and I knew I couldn’t safely carry a pregnancy. I decided to have an abortion at 7 weeks.  I went to planned parenthood after the waiting period and took the pill. On the way home, I threw up and didn’t  think anything of it. I bled the whole time I was home and I was still so sick. (Not eating, throwing up, sleeping all of the time). When I went back for my follow up appointment they found out the pill failed and I was 9 weeks. I had to have the surgical abortion the next day and I had nurses right by my side helping me through every step. I was in so much pain mentally & physically. I never got help for the trauma I experienced and I suffered for 6 years in silence. Finally I’m opening up about my experience because I want others to know help is always there. Don’t suffer in silence, YOU matter.

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