I had an abortion at 21 and 23 years old

by Carmela

April 21, 2017

Me and my two sons.

When I was 21 a new transfer student in college in a state where I knew two people. I found myself pregnant and I decided to have the abortion. Right after graduation, I found myself pregnant again. I considered having both of those babies, however, reality stepped in and kicked my ass. Abortion #1 I was in a relationship and together we decided after we looked into what our options were for keeping the baby, giving the child up for adoption, etc. There was little to no good options for two young black, college students. So we went with the abortion.  It was a difficult decision. The second time, I had broken up with my then boyfriend and couldn’t find him to let him know what was going on with the situation. I had just graduated college and taken my first job paying 19K a year. Who is raising a child alone on that with no family support? I opted to abort. Now I have two children and I can take care of my kids because I had them when I was ready not when some old white man told me I “should” have a child. If I had listened to the establishment, I would have probably never finished college, bought a house, had a real career or been able to take care of my own children. Fuck the naysayers. If you can’t get pregnant, shut the fuck up! Sit down and be quiet! My choice is my freedom!

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