Abortion #2 WITH the copper IUD

by Anonymous

December 9, 2021

Content Warning: rape

First of all I am so grateful to have a safe place to unload my story.

Where do I begin…

…I had my 1st child at the age of 22. The 2nd was conceived through marital rape. (We were separated. I wanted a divorce, he did not.)

Some time went by, I started dating my best friend. My oldest was then 5 and youngest was 2. His children were 12 and 7. He wanted a baby. We talked about it and both decided to try. We had baby #5, i was 30 And we were DONE. I got on the pill… it didn’t work. When baby #5 was only 6 months old I was pregnant. We went to planned parenthood and I had the medical abortion. At that time I felt guilt.

I reached out to my religious family and was called a monster. I had the copper IUD inserted and life went on. I have rebuilt myself and felt like my body and mind were FINALLY my own.

I started to get signs of pregnancy in the sore nipples and nausea but ignored it because I believed the iud was protecting me.

I went to wipe one day and felt something weird.

I had a uterus prolapse. Which meant my iud moved…which meant when I went in to check it all out I was 7 weeks pregnant.

Now, I want to be very honest about my feelings so that if someone else is feeling guilt for feeling this way, you’re not alone.


I feel like I FINALLY got my body back and I do not wish to host a fetus. I am 34 with 5 kids. ENOUGH is enough!

We were told about the pregnancy on Wednesday and have to wait until the following Tuesday just to get the IUD out. Idk if I will even get the abortion that day. In the mean time, I am gaining weight, sick, tired and anxious, and just want my uterus emptied so my life can go back to normal.

I will be getting a hysterectomy soon after.

Anyway. Best of luck ladies.

And don’t feel bad for wanting freedom in your life and with your own flesh and blood.


Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!