A young girl’s story

by T

January 27, 2021

I found out I was pregnant just a few short weeks after after breaking up with my year+ long relationship, and had stumbled my way into a new one. The decision was easy for me personally, I knew I didn’t emotionally want one, why would I bring a child into the world when I couldn’t  provide for them the absolute best I knew I could. The dad wasn’t ready either he supported me through it cause it was the right choice for me. Only being 17 and doing this was hard but I don’t regret it at all. The day came and I walked in there everyone was so nice and I got to see the ultrasound and I felt absolutely nothing so I knew my decision was right for me and I felt more relieved after, the nice nurse held my hand the whole time while I talked about my plans for the later part of the day, she squeezed tighter as I started to cry telling me it would be over soon, and just like that I looked at her and asked if it was really over and it was I did it, I made it through the worst part, the recovery room was nice too they talked to me and the lady in there told me about this Instagram page so here’s my story…

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