A tough decision

by Anonymous

October 7, 2021

I have two young children and I love them more than anything. I’ve been doing it completely alone for over 2 years. When I found out I was pregnant again keeping it was not an option for me, I knew abortion was the option I was going to take. As a single mom already and almost done with school I didn’t want to it alone again as I was not in a stable relationship with the guy who got me pregnant or financially stable. I didn’t want to put my children through more and have this baby suffer with only one parent in the home. I knew how hard it was going to be on all of us. I took the first pill yesterday with no side effects but I am terrified of taking the second medication today.

I will say that I asked to see the fetus on the ultrasound (don’t recommend) although only a small tiny 1 inch sac was visible at 5 weeks exactly the image is stuck in my head and I think about it a lot. I know this was the right decision for me but it wasn’t an easy one. I’m hoping that I come to understand that and it gets better in time.

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