A Second Chance

by Hannah

May 10, 2019

I’m currently 18 and pregnant with a precious little one, I get up every day and am thankful that I am able to carry this baby.

Flashback to a year prior to the conception of my child, I’m was being rushed to the emergency room again for stomach issues and severe abdominal pain. I was severely dehydrated and unable to keep anything at all down. They did all their standard tests, one being a pregnancy test, and the doctor pulled me aside to tell me the news. I was pregnant.

I was so shocked. She told me that this pregnancy may be the reason I’m so sick. I was admitted into the hospital. I spent multiple days both there and at home suffering. The staff at the hospital told me that if I continue like this that the pregnancy could be life threatening to me and the baby. I had a choice to make.

I still had high school ahead of me to finish that year, film Votech, my family, my fiancé, I would be leaving behind so much if something went wrong. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, the doctors said I would most likely be that way the whole pregnancy. I tried to fight through it but got weaker and weaker every day. I could barely walk.

I scheduled my abortion for the rainiest day in awhile. My mom drove me to my appointment. There were no protesters outside, lucky for me as there usually were. This clinic was the only one in town, a so it was usually a hotspot for protesters. Not today.

It was relaxing inside the clinic. They went over everything with me, every risk, every little thing they were going to do, any medications they would be giving me. They made me feel comfortable, even making my mom feel better. We signed our papers and paid our money, then, they took me back.

They explained everything they were doing as they were doing it, slowly putting me under. I drifted off peacefully and woke up what seemed like seconds later but wasn’t. They slowly walked me to the other room, I was bleeding and cramping badly. They had me rest for about an hour in a bed to observe me, gave me Tylenol and warm blankets, and helped me clean up.

These people were some of the nicest in the world. They scheduled a follow up appointment to check and see that everything went okay, prescribed me antibiotics, offered me their resources, and I was in my way home.

I used to regret that day but have become thankful that I am still alive. I have become thankful that the baby did not have to grow past 4-7 weeks and very possible die in the womb when it can feel pain. I have become thankful that my life has continued T-Mobile past that first pregnancy, because now I am carrying my second and the pregnancy is going amazing, I’m 23 weeks along today. My little miracle. A second chance for me to be a mom, I thank god every day that I’m not sick this time and that I can carry this little one.

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