A puppy and a procedure

by Amy

March 15, 2021

When I became pregnant again shortly after having my second child, I knew there was no way I could handle another pregnancy. My pregnancies are grueling. Violent nausea the whole term, diabetes, high blood pressure and I’ve never carried a baby to term. My son was six but he is disabled and his level of independence is of a three year old. We had no family support. I knew we couldn’t do it again. My husband was supportive but he was more emotional than me. I went in for the abortion and the procedure was physically painful but the staff was patient and understanding. My husband was so sad but respected my decision bc it’s my body. So I bought him a puppy. We became dog parents that day and it’s been great. My two kids love our fur baby and it’s been 5 years and I still know I made the best decision for all of us.

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