A poem for my baby

by Pippa

April 20, 2021

Sadness, regret and guilt

Are feelings that have quickly built

After losing my tiny baby.

It was a shock when I saw that positive sign

But I knew that now is not our time.

In that moment when our stars aligned

I was thankful for the hope you had left behind.

I wasn’t ready to welcome you

Into a world, I myself, hardly knew.

Being 19, I am still finding who I am

But I’m still going to love you, anyway that I can.

Saying goodbye to you

Is the hardest thing I’ll ever do

Because I know I’ll never get to hold you

Like I’ve always wanted to.

You have now become my angel

Forever watching over me.

Although I’m still young and free,

I’m thankful for the mother you let me be


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