A Mom of 3

by Alex

May 30, 2023

He was supposed to go see Dr. Snip, but he kept procrastinating. This was the only choice for me. I am a mother to my kids and not anyone else. This is for all of us, for our life that only just started with my youngest being 3 years old and finally going to preschool. All the bike rides and camping trips, all the skiing we will do this winter where I am finally free to ski!


3 pregnancies in 5 years and 40 pounds later, 7 years of sleepless nights, all so worth it and all done! Never again the stretchy pants, the leaking breasts, the bed rest, the physical therapy, the pee anytime I jump, the kids watching TV all day because mom is breastfeeding a newborn who just won’t latch, the crying baby that will not stop for hours, the baby with a surgery, the NICU baby, no more! Ever!

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