A Love Note to the Journey

by Lindsay

July 10, 2019

I found out I was pregnant exactly a month ago from today at 22 years old. I surprised myself in so many ways and still am even after the procedure I had done. I am so proud of the way I remained calm from the moment I found out up until this very moment. For being able to remain quiet within so I can listen to my heart. For accepting the support and love that was given to me which isn’t always easy for me. For asking questions when I was unsure. For speaking up yet holding space when opinionated comments were made about my choice. For wanting the best life possible for myself and my future family. for developing a much clearer vision of my life that I hadn’t had before this experience. For allowing the process to deepen the love I have for my boyfriend.

I was so terrified that I would be beaten down by the end of this but quite the opposite has happened. There is something so empowering about both trusting myself and choosing to see the beauty in what I thought was going to be eternal pain because that’s what I’ve been told when growing up. I’ve held so many uncertainties in many parts of my life that I can now say “F*** YES!” to. My boyfriend and I have never been closer, I’m going back to school this year, and I’m starting to feel at home in my body. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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