A kid with a kid

by Anonymous

August 16, 2022

Growing up I didn’t have a terrible childhood. But my adolescent years were beyond hard. My mother was an addict. At the age of 15 I was couch surfing from friends to friends houses because my mother couldn’t keep a home for us.

Eventually it became impossible for me to get to and from school so I dropped out. I started partying and met a guy. Blah blah blah. We partied. For the life of me, I can’t remember doing anything else except partying. I remember waking up in a strange house and just feeling terrible. I just thought I was hungover. A couple weeks go by and the sickness, exhaustion is still there. So I took a test. Not even with the guy. I took it with my best friend. And knew immediately what I wanted to do. I didn’t have a home. I didn’t have a job. I barely had a halfass boyfriend. He was years older and didn’t have a job or home either.

I called my mom and told her. She said “we will do whatever you want”

So 4 days later we were at the clinic. The boyfriend didn’t come. The boyfriend didn’t pay. He didn’t even offer to help pay or offer to come.

I was so anxious. I was so worried about being judged. But I had a conversation with his mom. She said she had an abortion. And that a lot of women do. It’s not openly discussed but there’s so many people that do it every day. SHE solidified my decision.

I remember waiting in the lobby at the clinic. There were ALL kinds of women there. Country women wearing boots, women wearing suits.

I didn’t listen to the machine noises. I didn’t listen to the nurse or doctor speaking. I simply tuned everything out. And I have NEVER once regretted MY decision.

I was 15. Without a home. Without a job. Without a car. With nothing. I was in no way ready to be a parent. And it was MY DECISION to make.

I, now, have 2 beautiful kids. My dream home. And the dream man. I graduated high school. And got a degree in college.

I made a life for myself so my children could have the life they deserve.


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