A high school abortion

by Anonymous

October 4, 2018

This story is a short one but a meaningful one to me.  A year ago during freshman year my best friend got pregnant. Around this time a couple girls in my school had already had a baby and the looks that people would give them and the comments they would make were horrible. My friend didn’t want anyone to know but this is high school and of course someone told and it spread. The HUMILIATION she went through was heartbreaking…. This is were the idea of abortion came in, she still hadn’t told her mom and was terrified. She made her decision though and she told her mom. The next couple weeks that followed where some of the saddest chain of events that i have ever experienced. After she told her mom she felt better about her decision because her mother backed her up but not for the same reasons. Her mom wanted her to get one so nobody would know her 15 year old daughter was pregnant.  My friend wanted one cause she knew in her heart that this was the right choice and that she could not take care of this child or bring it into the world knowing what it was going to go through. Either way they went through it. The father never knew/never found out. Nobody else in my friend group knew she was actually pregnant either. Only me, her, and her mom know about it and it was passed off as a rumor and nobody talked about again.

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