A difficult choice for a mother of two.

by Anonymous

May 29, 2020

My husband and I terminated our third pregnancy a few months ago. I have two beautiful young children and I know my 6 week old embryo would have also turned into an awesome kid but right now was not the time to add another kid in our family. I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and being pregnant in a pandemic with this upcoming economic depression, would have been irresponsible if I had carried on with my pregnancy.

I am a catholic, educated woman who met her husband at the age of 18. Both my earlier pregnancies were planned at the age of 28 and 30. I just wonder, how a responsible person like me could have been in this situation and yet here I am, telling my story. Like every woman who has been through this, I wish I didn’t have to but I am learning to accept this and move forward. I am currently in the process of forgiving myself and my husband for making that mistake.

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