A Change of Heart

by Anonymous

September 16, 2022

My story begins 2 yrs ago at the end of 2019..

I have been with my boyfriend since I was 16, & when I had my abortion I was 21, two months shy of my 22 bday.. I already had a little girl .. I was a high school drop out. I could feel that I wanted to expand as a person, I needed growth & I yearned a better future for myself. My boyfriend wasn’t very healthy for me & my little girl. Our relationship was so toxic, didn’t let me have friends, always assumed I was cheating, manipulated me throughout my first pregnancy . SO TOXIC .. it started to affect my daughter as well.

At first, when I was pregnant the second time, OMG, I was completely ecstatic, full of love, I was 5 weeks .. so genuinely happy that we told everyone .. but happiness was only momentary. A couple of weeks settled in & I found myself DREADING welcoming another child into this toxic relationship. I felt stuck in life, like everyone one else was moving on to greatness. I working full time, meanwhile my boyfriend (at the time) had nothing going in life, couldn’t keep a job at all. One day I just woke up & called planned parenthood, scheduled the soonest appointment available, & walked away from the relationship, no explanation, just walked away…Fast forward 2 years, I’m in a very healthy, supportive, loving relationship, currently in school for my surgical tech program with amazing peers, who feel like family, being an amazing mother to my daughter is all I can do for now.

As a person I am growing & loving this growth. I feel such great relief. I’m at peace with my decision.

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