A blessing from God

by Lyndsey

January 14, 2020

I found out that I was pregnant shortly after my 29th birthday last year and my range of emotions were all over the map. I had always known that eventually I do want children, but I didn’t think that it would happen so soon for me, especially seeing as I was newly single from a 4 year relationship. I had began seeing this guy whom in the beginning, when we’re all heartbroken and need a great distraction, came around at the right time and made me laugh and made me feel wanted and beautiful and sexy and like I wasn’t broken anymore.

A couple months into what was a casual relationship where I’d call him up and tell him I wanted to walk around his apartment in his big T-shirts while he watched the game, not thinking it’d lead to a completely different road, we got pregnant. And then he completely flipped his switch on me. He disappeared, he stopped answering his phone and he stopped trying to see me. All of our mutual friends would ask me what was up with him and they’d check on me and make sure I was ok and would let me vent, and were decent human beings until he decided to come back around only to let me know that he would pay for it to get taken care of and that he can’t have (another) kid right now. It was in those split seconds right then and there that I knew I didn’t want to have a child with someone like this, that wouldn’t be around and that thought it was ok to even try and make this decision for me and that showed me how much he just did not care and was only thinking about himself. Not once did he ever ask how I was feeling, or doing or checked to see if I needed anything while I was scared and alone dealing with this huge decision on my own with all of my thoughts all over the place.

So I will conclude with this: I am thankful for abortion because it gave me the opportunity to choose the journey I want to take in my life. It gave me the opportunity to choose MY future and make MY decisions on MY time and with the right person at that. I don’t believe it was a selfish act by any means and I value and respect each and every woman’s right and choice and reasons for why we need abortion and why abortion is such a wonderful thing for us. I booked my appointment at 6 weeks and although I did have the normal range of emotional hell that I was told to expect, I don’t regret my decision. I want my life to happen on my terms and with someone that is with me 100% of the way and that I will be proud to share DNA with. Thank you abortion, you save more lives than people know or care to even consider, and mine is one of them. ❤️

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