by Anonymous

March 15, 2023

Hello, I struggled to come to the decision to have an abortion. But I am 19 and have a dream career ahead of me, the ideal life planned exactly how I want it so a child is not suitable for me until I’ve succeeded these dreams. I couldn’t make my mind up and I was so confident in keeping until something in my head clicked telling me it’s a bad idea. My abortion was painful I can’t lie, but the whole “it coming out” part was quite fast, just the cramps after are what hurt me the most. Guilt is obviously on my mind but as I was only 8 weeks you couldn’t even see anything. If you’re 50/50 maybe wait on having a child until you’re at least 60/40 as you want to enjoy your pregnancy, which I didn’t. It felt like an illness to me. But if you’re reading this and can’t imagine going through with an abortion, ur mind is made up xxx

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