41, married with 2 kids

by Anne

November 21, 2022

I was 41, married with two kids.  My son was almost 4 and my daughter had just turned 1. We wanted two kids and were very lucky to have them.

I knew I was pregnant before I even took a test because every day around 1:30 I would fall asleep no matter where I was or what I was doing. I was just so exhausted. When the test confirmed my pregnancy I told my husband. To him, there was no question. We needed to terminate. I basically felt the same way, but it was sad for me, and I wished it wasn’t quite so cut and dry for him.

I went to a Planned Parenthood in Brooklyn on a Saturday in July. I was at about 6 or 7 weeks. The hardest part was the sonogram, where I could hear the heartbeat. I started crying because it made me think of my daughter’s first sonogram. The technician got agitated with me and told me to stop crying. We finished the procedure and then I was in the hallway, still crying. A nurse practitioner took me into her office. She was so nice and I remember she had the most beautiful eyes. She told me that this was my choice and if I didn’t want to have the abortion that was fine. I said that I wanted to, it was just hard, and she said ok. She really was so incredibly kind.

I had the procedure and do not regret it. There was certainly some sadness associated with it, but I have never doubted it was the right decision for me and my family.

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