3rd times a charm

by deadtinyflowers

September 3, 2019

I had my first abortion after getting pregnant by a man I had no interest in talking to ever again. He lied about where he finished and a week later, my body just knew. I was heartbroken not knowing anyone or wanting to talk about this with anyone. A year later, my boyfriend and I were being very irresponsible one night. Like clockwork, my body just knew. I ran to Kroger to take a test and immediately just broke down. I should’ve been more grateful at how fertile I am. I found the best clinic ever. Sweetest staff and very comfortable environment. I walked out of the office feeling so fresh and revived knowing that I have the option. I am young and still have so much to accomplish before I am a parent. This time around, I am more mad with myself for not being as responsible. I took a test this morning and although it is very early, I immediately knew what my next call was. Called right to the clinic and scheduled an appointment. Life is so crazy and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. I am not upset about the the third abortion, however I am mad that I have to put my body through this again. I will forever be grateful to have this option.



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