32, financially secure, in a relationship, just didn’t want a kid!

by Anonymous

November 5, 2020

I’m 32, financially stable, in a solid relationship with a supportive partner. We had a birth control failure and I found out I was pregnant at about 5 weeks. I spent a weekend in discernment, thinking and feeling my way into the right answer for me, which ended up being abortion. The only traumatic thing about this abortion was trying to access it! I called my OBGYN and the receptionist said snidely, “We don’t do that,” and offered me two referrals. One phone number didn’t work, the other was to an office that only did surgical abortions. I just wanted a medical abortion – the kind where you take pills at home.

Anyway, when I did my research online, I found that getting an abortion through the medical system involves unnecessary interventions like a transvaginal ultrasound – invasive, unpleasant. So I decided to order the pills from an online pharmacy and take them on my own. And it was totally fine. I felt tired and sad for a week or two, and grieved the potential life that was gone, but I also know that I made the best choice for myself and my partner. For me, it was a hard decision, but empowering. I would do it again.

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