26 September, 2018

by Sarah

March 13, 2019

I was two months pregnant with my boyfriend of two years. Filled with a lot of mixed emotions I did not know what to do. It felt right to be pregnant with the man I’ve fallen in love with. But having a baby at the age of 21, was not what I wanted. I delayed the whole pregnancy test up till I decided to go and confirm at the nearest clinic. There…two pink lines looking at me. I was now three months pregnant. The nurse kindly asked me what is it that you  want to do? Are you keeping your child,or you have second thoughts. I took my time thinking as I broke down then I thought about how me and my boyfriend had already decided on an abortion, we just didn’t know how to go about it…plus the fact that I kept postponing everything involving the pregnancy.


The day came for me to have an abortion. I was not so scared until I was called into the ward by a nurse. Unfortunately for me. The process was not an exciting one.. The nurse was very rude towards me…I remember I broke down as she inserted something into my body. She kept on making comments that made me feel very disgusted and embarrassed about myself. It took about 15 minutes for the process to end. I was given a pad as I walked back to my hospital bed. Where I called my boyfriend in  tears explaining how I was feeling about this whole thing. My boyfriend was very supportive and I really appreciated it. No one else knew about this as we spoke that we would keep it between us two. I took an uber straight to my boyfriends place, got there and he bought me food and I took my  pills and slept in tears.


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