25 Year Anniversary

by Anonymous

June 19, 2017

It was my choice and no one was going to take that away from me. I was in college and in love and had no plans to ever have a baby at that time. I researched the nearest planned parenthood in Boston, arrange a friend to drive me, came up with the money from my own bank account and my boyfriend paid the other half. I walked through those damn signs. In a couple hours it was over and 25 years later I never once regretted it. My mother knew all along and planned to stop me that morning but didn’t wake up on time. She said she didn’t agree with me but could have had insurance pay for it. But see mom, you would have had a say in it. I would have had to discuss it and argue with you. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Thank you to Massachusetts for making it legal in 1992. Thank you to Planned Parenthood in Boston for making it accessible. And to all those doctors who have to go over my medical history every year and decide to say the words “miscarriage”–no, it was not. It was an abortion.

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