25 weeks

by Canna

February 8, 2021

I was 25 weeks pregnant when I got my abortion. I’m not going to sit here and act like I had something wrong as far as I knew everything was perfectly fine. Up until my boyfriend started to be not only abusing but disrespectful and was not around me at all. It was a twin pregnancy and I already have a girl. I wanted this pregnancy so badly but the entire time I had second thoughts due to the manner I was being treated my whole pregnancy… I finally got the guts to get it done when I realized how deeply my partner had me scared and was just unloving and my very first day I can’t lie it was hard I wanted to change my mind and just go home but I knew the moment I made it joke I would be scheduling another appointment from a sleepless worried night if feeling alone and scared. I wrote down a good and list and realized the bad definitely out weighed the good and I sucked it up. The same day I broke the news by telling him I miscarried he started calling me nasty names and being mean not communicating just treating me so damn cruel and I can guarantee you one thing if I felt any regret about it he DEFINITELY washed it away and made me feel like I made the best decision ever. I’ll always miss them and always wonder what life would be like with them here but I also loved them enough not to bring them into a very toxic situation.

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