by Elora Jai Hugill

March 29, 2023

I’m twenty years old now…twenty one next month and hopefully in September I’ll be back at university, starting my path to becoming a sexologist. I’m on the pill and have been on and off since I was twelve (not sure about how healthy that is but..) My periods have been monthly for the pass year, same day roughly and similar symptoms. When my period didn’t come in February I worried but thought ‘well I’m on the pill and I’ve missed periods before’ until I started feeling sick and my boobs became sore. That’s when I took two pregnancy tests resulting in two positives. I immediately googled how to get an abortion and FaceTimed my mum. I was scared. I told my partner whose first response was a hug and support.

After finding out the proper resources, I booked myself an appointment. Within a few days, I had an appointment with a nurse and I was getting sent the medical abortion pills through the post. After my pills arrived, I waited a few days due to work. My abortion was painful-intense cramping, along with tears and heavy bleeding. I’d been prescribed codeine which helped soothe the pain along with a hot water bottle. I’m lucky my boyfriend supported me and so did the family I chose to tell. Not everyone gets that.

I want people to know that yes, it is painful but it’s safe. I’ve always been pro choice and found the pro life movement to be hypocritical but after my abortion I find myself to be more than ever pro choice. This body is mine. This choice is mine. My life is mine. Not everyone is as lucky as I was and that’s why we need to keep fighting. We need to be heard.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!