20 weeks at 20

by E

April 6, 2022

My one year “abortioniversary” just came up the end of February. A year has passed and I have not felt any regret since the moment after my D&E abortion at 20 weeks. The feeling I had when I laid my hand on my stomach after the procedure is an indescribable feeling. The biggest weight I had ever carried was lifted off of my shoulders that day. And I have never looked back since. For almost 4 months I sat in denial of my pregnancy all alone. When I finally came to terms with the symptoms I was experiencing, I actually scheduled my abortion before I took a pregnancy test. It all became too real. However, I was never scared or sad because I knew the entire time this wasn’t something I wanted. I was too young and believe I am still too young. So I made it happen.

If I would have waited just a few more weeks I would have been ineligible in my state to have an abortion. I am so thankful for God’s timing and the resources and bravery he bestowed upon me in order for my successful abortion. Abortion is OKAY. Abortion is needed. Abortion is necessary. Abortion is AMAZING. Although I was one of few who did not feel grief, I sympathize with those who have and we are all here for you. I love you. #ShoutYourAbortion

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