2 times too soon

by Anonymous

August 6, 2019

The year of my 21st birthday I had my daughter, I did not know I was pregnant, had no symptoms and a normal menstrual cycle the whole time.

Fast forward 3 years I found out I was pregnant by her father. This was very shortly after we broke up, he moved out, it wasn’t a good time at all. So that’s when I had that abortion about 2 weeks after I found out.

A year after that I found out that I have PCOS, which causes me to have greater difficulty getting pregnant. I felt defeated. Although I did not want another baby any time soon, knowing the possibility for me is now slim made me regretful. After being put on birth control to help regulate my body and help lessen the symptoms of PCOS, I became pregnant again. I was not expecting this at all, for I was told it would be much harder to conceive.

Although I know becoming pregnant in my condition is a blessing, I know I am in no position to raise another baby right now. I cry and cry because I know better, but never did better. I hope when the time is right, I will become pregnant again.

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