2 in three months

by Anonymous

January 6, 2022

I’m 19, and I got married not too long ago. Almost 2 months ago? Something like this. Anyway, before the wedding we found out I was pregnant! I was very nervous, but it was a no brainer that we could not keep the baby. I’m very young and we did not have the financial means to care for it. So I got an abortion… now about 2 months later I’m in the middle of my second abortion. It’s been very painful mentally and physically, I take the second set of pills tomorrow and I’m really nervous. I know it is not a shameful thing and that it happens. But I also know I could not have gotten through it so easily if it hadn’t been for my extremely supportive husband and mom. Please remember that after you get pregnant you’re very fertile and it’s easy to get pregnant again! I didn’t, and now I have to feel this pain twice.

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