2 abortions within 2 months.

by Anonymous

January 6, 2020

I was a virgin since 22 years and I started sexual intercourse just recently, that’s from may 2019 with my 2nd boyfriend. I always felt safe around him.

In July we had an unprotected sex for the first time and I turned out to be pregnant, I was pretty much scared and we felt a little emotional about this but I had it terminated with the help of my friend and boyfriend. To our surprise I turned out to be pregnant again in November.

This was because of our carelessness so, we just had to terminate it again but this time just me and my boyfriend took care of it together.

We never considered it as an abortion we just thought that we are sending the baby back and will it’ll definitely come back when the time is RIGHT!!

Hoping our future is bright. ❤️

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