When I was 19 years old I found out I was pregnant. I was living in Utah as a massage therapist with no insurance. my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband, was also a massage therapist. If you didn’t know, most massage therapists are not offered insurance through their jobs, it would have to come out of pocket and we just didn’t have that money. We were using condoms and birth control but I still got pregnant. I was terrified. I did not want to give birth and I didn’t want to be a mom right then. My mom helped me get back down to New Mexico where I wouldn’t have to go through therapy to get an abortion. My parents paid for half while I paid the rest.

As for the procedure itself, it was a lot of waiting. Then I was given the medication. The next day after taking the medication I had a lot of cramping and some vomiting, all of that ended within 6 hours. We spent another day in New Mexico with my parents then we went back to Utah. I’m so thankful for my parents and my husband. they supported me in my choice and would have with any choice I could have made. Four years later I’m still so relieved I had the abortion.  It was the right choice for me, and I’m never going to regret it.