19 and 2 pill abortions

by Anonymous

April 20, 2023

I was 18.  I had just got out of high school and moved in with my partner. I started college six months later. I didn’t  get my period which was irregular. My body felt like it had left me. I felt like I left me.

I was upset all the time; me and my boyfriend were always fighting. I told someone I was close with how I was feeling and she offered me a pregnancy test since she just found out she was pregnant. I peed on the stick and saw the first line then the 2nd. I immediately started crying since I was just in college, still paying tuition, still figuring myself and my relationship out. The girl I was with told me that no matter whatever I choose it is gonna be okay, and no one can tell me what to do with my body but myself.

I have five sisters and a mom I could talk to but I couldn’t do it. I felt terrible that I couldn’t talk to my own family about this.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought the only right thing was to abort.  I talked to my partner and he supported my choice. He took me into planned parenthood for another test. We then talked about my options. A week later my abortion appointment was scheduled. I found the strength to tell my sisters but I haven’t told my mom yet.


I was six weeks pregnant. I got on birth control right after my abortion (the patch). I’m now 19. The patch worked for about nine months on me; no pregnancy or nothing.  ‘Til one day, I was feeling nauseous over everything, I was feeling depressed and again, like my body wasn’t mine. I was thinking “no I can’t be pregnant. I’m on birth control. I had my period last month.”  I told my partner about how I was feeling, and he bought me a pregnancy test. I saw those two lines again and this time it was even harder. How did I become one of the women to get pregnant on birth control? This is why I got on it so this wouldn’t happen to me again. I knew right away what I had to do and made a planned parenthood appointment. I just finished college and I want to keep going with no distractions and no babies 🙁 I’m still working on myself and my relationship. We’re both only 19. Planned Parenthood got me in the same day I found out. I told them I’ve done this before and that I was seven weeks this time.

I have yet only told one sister because I’m scared of what the other will think, but here I am telling you guys  because it feels like a safe place. Thank you everyone<3

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