16–Scared and Pregnant

by Anonymous

October 25, 2022

I am 16. My boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant in a CVS parking lot. On the way back to his house it hit me hard, I was 16 and pregnant. I told him to stop the truck, got out, and broke down crying on the side of his street. We made an appointment for an abortion the next day and it was terrifying, to say the least. I was an emotional wreck and couldn’t keep it together while scheduling my abortion on the phone. When the day came and we arrived at the clinic I felt calm and safe. As well as relief. The first nurse I spoke to, who did my ultrasound, eased all my fears about the situation. She walked me through the process in depth and reassured me I would leave there with no physical pain. I was then taken to a room to get my blood taken and my BP checked. Then I was moved to a room with chairs where they inserted an IV into my arm and gave me medication to help with the nausea that could be caused by the sedation I asked for and a high dose of ibuprofen. Then my boyfriend and I were moved to the procedure room, I immediately broke down and began to cry as I took off my underwear. I sat on the table and put the paper given to me over my bottom area. The nurse positioned my legs in the stirrups as the Doctor introduced himself. The nurse injected the sedation into my IV and that is the last thing I remember.

Next thing I knew I was sitting in a chair, fully dressed and napping on my boyfriends arm. He told me that from the time they injected the sedation into my IV to putting me in the wheelchair took 10 minutes total and that I had been napping in that chair for 35 minutes. When I woke up the nurse gave me a new pad to put on. I walked myself out of the clinic with a soda and a cookie from the nurses and napped the whole 20 minute ride home, until the sedation completely wore off. I felt relieved. Something that was so scary for me turned out not to not be as awful as I assumed it would be. I wasn’t in pain and I only had minimal bleeding for 3 days after. This was the best decision I could have made. (Sorry this is long, but I wanted to share the process for those who are scared). I had an abortion and I am proud of it.

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