16 and alone

by Anonymous

January 6, 2020

It all started when my friend introduced me to two of her male friends that she grew up with. The other one of the friends and I got extremely close and we connected well. He said all the right things and before you know it me and him were making out in his friend’s room. We did not use protection. A week after the incident he convinced me to take a pregnancy test that came back negative.I was relieved for a few weeks until I  realised my period was two weeks late. I then took a second pregnancy test that came back positive. I was devastated. I went over to his house to tell him and we made the decision to do an abortion together. (My family knew nothing about this.) We went to a public clinic to find out as much as we could and we were referred to a hospital, luckily it was a free procedure but the hate and disrespect I received from the nurses was sickening especially being so young (16). My appointment was two weeks after the day of  the booking and I had to miss an exam because of it but I still stand by my decision because I was and still am too young to have a child when I’m basically a child myself.

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