15th October 2019

by Vmp

November 7, 2019

Living in the uk certainly has its privileges, the NHS being a massive part of that. At 29 years old, married & 4 children with my husband plus my stepchild living with us, (the youngest being 5 months) we couldn’t support another child financially or emotionally. Needless to say, the inevitable happened and at the end of September I found myself peeing on a stick, in the 5 minutes alone time I would be likely to get all day! 😂 one of my children had friends round and they were all running riot, just another normal day for this house.

The pregnancy test was positive. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but in my gut I knew it was right. I called my husband at work, his reaction was much the same as mine… stunned silence. I told him I knew what I needed to do & when I had hung up the phone I called BPAS. Unfortunately, the area I live in isn’t covered by them so I had to call my gp. On the phone I had to tell the receptionist the reason for wanting to see a doctor, only then did I cry, out of pure frustration at the situation.

The appointment with my gp was booked for a weeks time, the longest week of my life. I went and saw her and without any judgement she called the hospital and my referral was made for another weeks time.

The appointment at the hospital came around. I first had to have an ultrasound, to confirm the gestation, I was 7 weeks & 4 days, further than I thought. I wasn’t shown the screen, nor did I ask. I was sent to the surgical day unit afterwards. While in the waiting room I saw a lady I recognised from the ultrasound department and realised she was here for the same thing. I didn’t wait long and then I was called in by the consultant, she explained the procedures and asked what I would prefer. My response was along the lines of ‘whatever will be quickest’. I decided on the medical termination & was sent back into the waiting room. My husband was with me the entire time, not once did anyone ask him to leave. About 5 minutes later I was called back in by the nurse, we did routine swabs and blood pressure etc before booking my appointments to take the medication. In all honesty I was disappointed that it wouldn’t be done that day.

My first medication appointment was to be the following Sunday, 3 days later. I arrived at the ward and was greeted by a nurse, I sat in the waiting room with another couple, who I spoke to, to keep my mind busy. The nurse then called me through, explained I would need an anti d injection due to my blood type and then gave me the first tablet with water and I was on my way back out in 15 minutes to meet my husband and children in the car park. I went home and felt relief.

48 hours later I was back at hospital, this time with one of my friends as my husband had to work. On the Sunday I took the first tablet I had experienced cramps and one the Monday evening I had lost a couple of clots and was bleeding but this was classed as normal so I went ahead and had 4 tablets inserted vaginally. I had to lay flat for 20 minutes after, had the anti d injection and was prescribed codeine & anti sickness tablets before I was allowed to leave. We went to a cafe for some breakfast and then drove home. I continued to bleed and by 3pm felt normal besides a little dizziness on standing and decided I would drive to get my children from school.

It was over, the cramping subsided and I felt good, better than I had for weeks, and ate a LOT of tacos for dinner.

This morning I feel almost normal, hungrier than ever & the morning sickness has subsided.

My friend was an amazing support as was my husband & I am forever grateful for what they did. I promised myself I would write my entire experience on here afterwards & now it’s done I feel nothing but relief.

Ladies you have got this & remember, if I can do it, so can you!

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!