by Anonymous

November 4, 2019

I had an abortion at 15. I got pregnant by my boyfriend of now almost 4 years. I never thought I’d be the person in my family to have to go through what I went through, especially at 15. We had to travel 6 hours away to get it and I was ordered to wear baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt and to listen to music because of the protesters telling me I was a murderous bitch. They had no idea how terrified I was, or how humiliating it was to have to go through 3 levels of security in order to save my life. After 3 years, I’ve grown confident, I’ve opened up to those around me, I’m no longer ashamed of what I did. I still get hit with emotions at times, and I think about my unborn child almost daily, but I know that I should always have the right to have my own child on MY terms, no one else’s.

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