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Many of us feel like abortion isn’t something we are allowed to talk about. We can feel isolated and alone. We may not feel that we have anyone to talk to, or that there is anyone who will listen to us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Shout Your Abortion (SYA) is a loosely connected group of people talking about their own abortions, in their own words, all over the country and beyond. This website houses hundreds of personal abortion stories, shared in voices of all kinds. SYA also works to normalize abortion and get rid of abortion stigma through all sorts of art, projects, and actions all over the USA.

We know that abortion is a very common experience. Your feelings about abortion are yours, and sharing your feelings in your own words can be extremely healing, give strength to others, and add to the collective power of our global community.

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SYA is all of us.

Abortion is normal. We love you.