You’re not alone!!

by Anonymous

June 10, 2019

I just want to first off say thanks for reading this. I live in Canada and currently have access to free, safe and accessible abortion services. However, there are some politicians who might want to change this in the future. It’s weird because they’re supposed to be busy not answering questions about say carbon taxes and GSAs and missing and murdered indigenous women and instead are trying to pry open a perfectly closed case about how maybe abortion should actually not be a thing.  Bunch a jerks!

Anyways sorry-

I have had to make the decision to have an abortion twice. The first time, it was an obvious choice to make. I was about to leave on a two-month tour with my band and I was incredibly lucky that I had supportive access to a local clinic that did the procedure the day before I left. And let me tell you, the clinic was packed! All sorts of folks and their supportive people were in the waiting room. There was literally so many other people there waiting to get abortions it kind of feels like getting your passport renewed but with Ativan and you wake up with cool mesh underwear. Like, this is really normal and common and totally an individual’s choice to make.

I found solace in telling my loved ones. It was a challenging experience that was made easier by my support network.

The second time however, all I felt was shame and guilt. I thought that it didn’t feel fair to be able to have another abortion. I hardly told anyone. I was terrified to share that I had made the mistake of being pregnant again- what if I couldn’t have a baby when I was ready? What if my support was conditional to having one abortion?  This made the emotional healing incredibly hard. Not even the cool mesh underwear could get me through this one.. I’m sure if I had chosen to share it would’ve been easier. I found out about Shout Your Abortion online maybe a year ago and i wish I had known about it years ago.

Finding solidarity with folks who have been there or supported their loved ones through their abortions is essential to healing. Thanks for reading.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!