“you gave us quite a scare for a minute there, we thought we lost you.”

by Anonymous

July 12, 2022

While other may have wonderful stories of their clinic experience –  mine unfortunately wasn’t.

I was harassed by good southern pro life church goers, and since this was in 2021, we were still in pandemic protocol – I was forced to be alone throughout my whole process.

I waited for hours after my scheduled appointment to see the doctor for my ultrasound to see how along I was and to go over my options. I remember the doctor printing out a picture of my ultrasound for me but after speaking with me, ripping it in half and throwing it away since, “I wasn’t interested in continuing my pregnancy.”

I asked about being put under since I was too far along for the pill and he explained it was a quick painless procedure and that it wasn’t needed plus would be significantly more expensive.

The day of my abortion, I was scheduled early in the morning, but upon arrival was explained that I wouldn’t be seen for several more hours. While waiting I grew more scared and anxious. When I finally got called back I asked if it were too late to be put under with they replied, yes and that I would have to wait even longer and could potentially not be seen that day.

It wasn’t painless.

In fact, it was so painful that I started to have a panic attack, I was crying for them to stop but the doctor just said, “almost done, you’re doing great” and I passed out from the pain.

All I remember when I started to come back around was one of the nurses saying, “you gave us quite a scare for a minute there, we thought we lost you.”

Even with all this said, I was extremely lucky and privileged to have access to reproductive health care and that abortion was an available option. It saved my life.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!