Yes, I had an abortion.

by Melissa

November 12, 2018

No one knows. Well, my husband and I know. I don’t want kids. I never have; and at age 40, I got pregnant. I honestly thought I was too old, but we were still using protection.


It was not a hard choice to make. My doctor seemed to think it would be–she wanted me to ‘think it over’. I just made the appointment and went. The hardest part was just sitting in that room for most of the day, waiting. Everyone I met there was friendly, well-educated, and they all knew what they wanted. There were no scared kids there–one of the other women I was in the waiting room with was older than me, and had two kids already. She knew she did not want another.


It was the right choice for me. I don’t want kids. I never have. I’m not ashamed of that (as some women seem to think I should be…apparently some believe a woman’s only ‘purpose’ is to multiply…) and I’m not ashamed of having an abortion. I haven’t told anyone simply because it hasn’t come up, but if I’m ever in a conversation where it makes sense, I’ll share it. And if I can ever help another woman or girl with my story, I will.

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