Most women who have abortions have children!

by Carmen

June 30, 2017

I had an abortion seven months ago, from a Planned Parenthood in southern California. They were wonderful: fast, respectful, kind, professional. I had some mild cramping afterwards, but was back on my feet the next day. I never regretted the decision; it was what is and was best for my health and family.

Most women in this country who have had abortions — like me — already have children. My son was seven months old when I became pregnant again with my partner; we were both working full time, with very little money to spare. I was exhausted, sick all the time, and was not ready to have, and parent, another child.


When people say ‘trust women’, this is what they mean. Women have the experience, as mothers or not, to know what it means to carry, deliver, and raise a child. We are intelligent and sensitive enough to make choices for ourselves, our families, our bodies, and our destinies.


The narrative of shame that exists around abortion is a right-wing concoction, strategically put in place by those who wish to diminish the control that a woman has over her own body. By not giving in to those externally-placed feelings, we fight back, and claim our own rights and destinies. Let’s remember that. Let’s remember that being confident in our own decisions is in fact a form of political empowerment, and bravery.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!