Waiting was the hardest part – both times

by Molly

April 11, 2019

I had 2 abortions. One medical (the pills) and one surgical (the in clinic procedure). I was 22 and 24, waiting tables and bar tending. I was dating my now husband, and we both 100% agreed both times abortions were necessary, both from a financial perspective but also because we don’t want kids. 6 years later, we still, truly, do not want children.

I went to a planned parenthood in Boston, and my goodness you gotta love a blue state! Now I live in Texas where you get the nightmare protestors, and an extra serving of shame.

Both times I remember being pleasantly surprised when they kicked out my bf and made sure this was my choice too, not just his influence.

Pro life people need to know: I never needed more time to consider my options, and I’ve never felt sadness or regret. There was only one option, ever. The worst part was waiting.

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